Paid Media is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) which is an internet advertising model with a primary objective to drive traffic to websites. Often many people confuse PPC with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which isn’t paid media.

With the correct skillset of a Paid Media specialist, the advertiser should earn a profitable Return On Investment (ROI) from the conversions that the leads have created through the paid traffic medium. We have over a decade of expertise in Google Ads Campaign Management and always ensure to follow best practice guidelines in order to guarantee that every campaign is successful.

Our approach is to tailor every client’s campaign pertaining to their industry and the level of competition that resides within their vertical. Paid Media via the correct Social Media channels for your business objectives can also be an effective way in order to generate leads, drive website traffic and build brand awareness.

By analysing your campaign goals, we then formulate a strategic media plan in order to decide which social media platforms and search engines will deliver the most profitable and successful actions for your campaign objectives.

Could your company be getting a better return from Google Ads? Makaveli Media will provide an audit to review your campaigns with the confidence that we can always improve your online performance.

Some of the basic tasks we will perform on your account will be as follows.

  • Providing detailed reports integrating Google Analytics with recommendations and insights on how to improve campaign performance and attain higher ROI per keyword and campaign.
  • Consistent A/B testing and an in-depth keyword analysis to ensure all keywords are fully optimised with the correct bids and ad group relevance.
  • Tailored copywriting which entails well-crafted words that increase the propensity of a user to convert.
  • Daily bid adjustments, ensuring maximum ROI is achieved.
  • Utilising all necessary tools and ad extensions in order to maximize campaign relevancy and performance.
E-Commerce | Digital Marketing Services
SEO | Digital Marketing Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of driving organic traffic to your website through search engine results. Once a user uses keywords to search for something and then clicks on your search result, you don’t pay for the click.

Therefore, SEO is not a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as your page rank is derived from an organic search result, meaning you do not pay for your search results to appear. The main objective is to increase the quality and amount of traffic to your website with your business objectives in mind.

There are two main elements that are involved in SEO. On Page SEO and Off-page SEO. While on-page refers to everything you can optimize on your website, off-page refers to all activities that don’t occur on your website for example backlinks.

Social Media marketing, influencer marketing, mentions direct or indirect, guest blogging, and so forth are also forms of off-page SEO.

Our SEO Marketing is not a once and for all quick fix. We provide solutions for long-term online challenges. Our commitment is, to be honest, and provide careful optimization with a consistent effort to ensure sustainable business growth is achieved.


If you are looking for a, trustworthy, experienced consultancy to help you achieve long-term success, then look no further.

Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing Services

The fundamentals of strategic thinking rely on the core principles of deploying intentional and rational thoughts that focus on the analysis of variables that will heavily benefit the success of business owners.

A Digital Marketing Strategy should always encompass the most essential objectives and goals that any business owner wishes to achieve and profit from. Earned, Owned and Bought media are different mediums wich provide you the means to connect with your targeted and desired audiences. By analyzing a business holistically and understanding the short and long-term goals of the company provides a start to formulate a successful Digital Marketing Strategy.

Remember that every business is unique and a tailored strategy is essential to capitalize on your competitors as well as retain and create the highest Return On Investment (ROI) that is attainable from your online presence.

Creating brand awareness, converting traffic, monetizing your website, or starting an E-commerce shop or podcast will all adopt a different strategic thought process in order to achieve successful results. Utilizing on going strategic analytical insights and recommendations provides an in-depth analysis of your data, offering opportunities to capitalize on within your business vertical. These performance metrics are essential focal pints of data witch lead the path for you to clarify your business goals and objectives.


Makaveli Media is here to guide you through the whole strategic process from start to finish. Let’s connect.

Data Analytics | Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Analytics provides us with real-time data that allows us to make better operational decisions and manage risk more effectively leading towards profitable and sustainable business growth.

When looking at your business holistically it is always important to analyze which performance metrics have resonated with your objectives and lead to positive and profitable outcomes. Different Marketing Platforms are not for all types of businesses so that is why a well-thought-out Digital Marketing Strategy is essential in order to ascertain which marketing platforms will create the most brand awareness, leads, and conversions. By constantly analyzing the different marketing platform’s data you begin to see which performance metrics from the data are most important to your business. From earned, owned, or bought media all of your real-time data is accessible in order to ascertain which platforms are delivering the highest ROI for your business.

Analytics provides you with high-level insights and recommendations that let you constantly be aware of all your business strengths, weaknesses opportunities, and threats.

We are always researching so we can provide the best value for our clients by leveraging different Digital Marketing Technologies. Understanding your data is a critical component as it lets you know how your market segment is responding to your product or service. Our values reside in our service which involves constant high-level analytical solutions. We manage your data in such a way that our offering guarantees optimal solutions for your current business framework.


Do you want to get Analytical?

Consulting | Digital Marketing Services

Our consulting service focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities within the Digital Marketing world. Incorporating high-level strategies and advanced in-depth analytics creates foundations that achieve long-term profits and sustainability across all industries and geographic regions. We have adopted many years of functional expertise within different business silos and industries

We adopt the process of looking at each and every business holistically from the ground up not just their individual parts. This is our starting point in order to solve our client’s problems. After the diagnostical problems have been defined then we start making recommendations based on the diagnosis and then implement the recommended solutions. By building a consensus and form of commitment around the corrective action allows us to facilitate client learning.

Our training offers our clients all of the necessary tools in order for them to be able to resolve similar problems in the future. Makaveli Media has its own goal and that is to permanently improve organizational effectiveness by increasing profitability, workflow, and overall business goals. We listen carefully to our clients and try to align our thought processes alongside their needs.

Remember hard work is not a replacement for a solid strategy which is an inevitable part in our consulting service. Sometimes it’s the little details that can make the biggest differences but you may not be aware of them nor know how to facilitate the change correctly.


Let’s grow your business together.

Web Design | Digital Marketing Services

Our many years of experience have led us to recognize that Usability, Functionality and pristine Visualization are the three most important factors when determining a website design. The design process starts with identifying your companies’ goals and objectives. We learn about who you are and what your needs are in order to create a unique website experience for your target market.

In today’s age your website needs to be responsive across all devices that being desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Ensuring a fantastic user experience is primarily determined by creating the website in such a way that it is already well optimized for search engine exposure.

By making sure that the proper stages of identifying a good User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) across all devices have been established, then the next step is to focus on improving landing page conversions and any of your other business goals pertaining to the website.

Website design and development is like anything in life, you need to keep making small adjustments to reap the rewards. By factoring in on what your target market needs are will determine the complexity of your website.


Let us pivot your business in the right direction.

Video Production | Digital Marketing Services

Our main goal by offering a Video Production service is to create Branding for Businesses, Events, or Lifestyle Interviews with short call-to-action videos to create awareness.

In the Development and creative phase, we look at who the video is aimed at, what do you want to communicate about your brand, event, or interview, and which online platforms do you want it to be shown. Pre-Production will involve hiring the actors, finding locations, and finalizing the script.

Production will incorporate the above-mentioned stages to ensure the video goes as smoothly as possible. We then move into the final stage of Post- Production which will involve editing the audio, photography, and video components to create the final video.

Once the final video has been made we then decipher the best ways on how to market and distribute the video via different online channels. It could be a short film, live event, sponsored blog post, interview, viral video, or branding campaign.